Hack got hacked

Plenty of internet security specialists are interested in the logic and mechanics behind security. It’s not always so much about protecting users as it is about finding an honest way to make money by playing around with complicated software. If they didn’t have jobs as security experts, then they would probably be making viruses and clickjacking techniques that allow them to take control of other computers. More often than not, it’s about the puzzle.

Here’s a blog that’s a good example of someone using their brain to figure out a clickhack just because they want a better understanding of how it works: Malicious camera spying using Clickjack. At least, that’s my interpretation of the article.

In this blog post, someone with a very good mind for security takes apart Adobe Flash Player to figure out how it could be used to spy on unsuspecting computer users.

Once upon a time there was a demo for this clickjacking techniques. It isn’t available anymore, but you can watch this YouTube video to see how the demo worked. I’ve embedded the video below.  This is a bare-bones  version of the attack that probably wouldn’t lure in many victims. Consider how much more effective it would be, though, if the clickjack game used fun icons instead of a button that says “click.” I immediately think of an online whack-a-mole game.

As someone who is interested in internet and computer security, I really like that the author takes the time to explain his initial approach to the clickjacking attack, how it didn’t work, and how he reworked the solution. If you’re not a tech nerd, then don’t bother. If you are, though, then it’s an interest piece that you should read.

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