Back up your files as click jack protection

Clickjack attacks can cause various problems. If you’re lucky, they won’t steal your personal information and give someone access to your bank accounts, email, and credit cards. One of the biggest problems that clickjack victims face, though, is lost information. Some viruses, worms, and other types of malware destroy computers by wiping hard drives clean.

This is bad news for anyone who saves their work, entertainment, tax info, or other important documents on their computers.

So far, clickjackers have proven that it is at least as wily as white hat security programmers. Using the latest anti-clickjacking options will help protect you and your files, but you can’t completely trust that they are safe. A new clickjacking attack could be waiting at the end of your next internet search to undo all of your security efforts.

The best thing, therefore, is to keep a backup of pertinent files. Purchase an external hard drive that you can connect to your computer via USB. This will allow you to save information in a safe place where viruses and clickjackers can’t get them. Be sure to remove your hard drive when you are not using it just to be safe.

You should also back up your files online. There are plenty of web sites that provide space for individuals to protect their files. Keeping your files on someone else’s server offers another level of protection that will prevent clickjackers from deleting your information and undoing potentially months of work and thousands of dollars worth of entertainment.

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