To dumb to make your own clickjack attack? No problemo

The internet has always made it possible for enthusiasts to find each other, form alliances, and learn tricks from each other. Back in the day, hackers traded information through various usenet groups that made it possible for computer enthusiasts to gather virtually. Not all of their activities had to do with illegal activities. In fact, both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were members of hacking communities in the 1970s. Without this community, we wouldn’t have personal computers that perform as well as they do today.

The current term “hacker” most often refers to cybercriminals who break into computer systems, steal information, and design malware.

But you don’t have to be a computer expert to take advantage of everything that hackers and clickjackers can do. Today, you can just hire one to do your dirty work for you.

See, for instance, I wouldn’t explore the site too much if I were you. It’s just impossible to trust these people with even the most cursory browsing.

This site makes it easy for domain owners to purchase clickjacking programs, viruses, and other malware that they can use to take advantage of people who visit their pages.

That’s just great. At one time you at least had to have some smarts to be a cybercriminal. Now you can just be an idiot with a few bucks in his pocket.

If you’re feeling brave, then you can browse the site for forums where people advertise their clickjacking programs and other dubious wares. What really blows my mind, though, is that some people obviously take these hackers up on their offers.

Who in their right mind would pay someone for software that is completely unethical? Don’t the buyers realize that they can’t trust the very people selling the malware.

I guess greed can make morons do stupid things.

And, yes, I’m not pulling my punches at all. They are morons. The people creating the malware, they are probably intelligent people who don’t have any sense of ethics. Those who buy the malware, though, are too stupid or lazy to learn how to do it themselves.

They’re just script kiddies looking to make a few extra bucks. Half of them probably run porn sites that break copyright laws every day and don’t even reimburse their “models” and “actors.”

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