The ultimate clickjacking protection

Firefox and NoScript offer some protection from clickjacking attacks. You cannot, however, rely solely on these programs to protect you. Instead, you might have to take some behavioral changes on your own behalf. Some of these suggestions might seem a little paranoid, but they will add some extra protection for your computer and personal information.

1. Designate a web browser for sensitive surfing. You might, for instance, use IE8 for online banking. Close all other browsers and windows when you access your bank, or any other password  protected site that contains sensitive information.

2. Log out of sites when you are done using them. If you’re done paying your credit card bill, then log out before doing anything else online. If you’re done accessing your tax documents online, then log out. This will make it more difficult for clickjackers to gain access to sensitive information.

3. Make sure your Firefox and NoScript security settings offer the highest level of protection. This means restricting any sites that use iframes.

Doing these three things will give you a little more control over your personal information. It’s important for us to stop clickjackers at every step. The more successes they have, the more they will try to develop new techniques to take advantaged of internet users.

It’s unlikely that clickjackers are going to go away completely. Not any time soon at least. But we can make it much harder for them and dissuade hobby criminals from devoting their time to clickjacking.

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