A personal clickjacking story

I’ve frequently wondered why some clickjackers bother making pages that will turn on a computer’s camera or microphone. I guess that it’s probably somewhat funny or exciting to spy in on unsuspecting people. But I imagine that the experience would quickly become even less entertaining that Chatroulette. After all, most people are probably just sitting there staring at the screen as they read what they type.

A few days ago, though, I learned about something that hadn’t occurred to me before. This story came from a friend of mine who dropped by this Clickjacking page to see what I had been blogging about lately. What she said surprised me, but I guess it shouldn’t have. In my experience, if you can think of something horribly stupid and irresponsible, then someone on the internet is willing to do it.

A couple years ago, a friend of mine, we’ll call her Shelly, was sent a video attachment from an old boyfriend. Being wary of the ex, she read the email and deleted it. Apparently it went on about how she was a hot internet sensation and he wished that he had gotten some of the action back in the day.

More so than anything, it confused her. She quickly put it out of her mind.

Soon, though, she started getting emails from other people. Many of them people that she hung out with regularly and trusted. Something was obviously up. She opened the attachment and watched the video.

She was shocked to see a picture of herself in a, shall we say, rather uncompromising situation. To put it mildly, she was looking at internet porn and doing the thing that many people do while watching porn. At some point while masturbating, she had apparently used a site that had been clickjacked. It turned on her web cam and recorded everything.

Needless to say, this young woman was mortified. She wondered how many people had seen the video. What if there were people out there “using” her video. Even more disturbing was the disgusting thought of her parents seeing it.

Shelly had no way to track down the person who made the video. Many people didn’t even believe her when she told them that she hadn’t made it herself. What could she do? She suffered months of embarrasment. Every time she went to class or work, she knew that she was surrounded by people who had watched her in the middle of very private moment.

There wasn’t much that Shelly could do. She stopped responding to emails about the video. Eventually they stopped coming in and the whole thing died down. Still, she knows that it is more than possible that she has been displayed on numerous pornographic web sites without her knowledge and that thousands of people have probably seen it.

With this thought in mind, web cam clickjacking attacks seem much scarier than before. After all, how many people out there can honestly say that it’s absolutely impossible for something similar to happen to them?

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One Comment on “A personal clickjacking story”

  1. Sam Says:

    Damn, I think same thing happened to me. I was watching internet porn and doing “the act” when after I was done, I tried turning on my web cam to chat with a friend and it said being used by another user. Now I’m stressed!

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