NoScript or GuardedID?

Those of you who are looking for a good way to avoid clickjacking attacks may have run across GuardedID and NoScript. Both of these programs offer some protection against clickjack attacks, but you need to know which one to choose if you want to really protect yourself. Both pieces of software offer some advantages, so you can choose one that suits your concerns.

NoScript Protects Against Clickjacking

When it comes to clickjack protection, you have to go with NoScript because it is specifically designed to prevent JavaScript applications from running without your knowledge. This makes it difficult for most clickjackers to hijack your browser. My recommendation is to use NoScript with the most recent version of Firefox. This combination will offer the best protection against clickjacking attacks.

Does that mean you are completely protected?

Unfortunately, no, it does not. NoScript will make it nearly impossible for amateur hackers to hijack your browser, but those who are on the cutting edge of computer security can still find ways around NoScript’s defenses. As with most security concerns, the criminals keep moving forward, finding new ways to counter the protective measures that we take. NoScript’s programmers and other software developers around the world, however, continue to update their browser plug-ins so that they identify the latest clickjacking attempts. This is why it’s so important to use the latest version of your internet security programs and browsers.

GuardedID Offers Additional Protection

As far as protecting you from clickjacking attacks, I wouldn’t recommend using GuardedID as your only line of defense. Despite its much better looking website and an intimidating picture of Armand Assante, NoScript offers more clickjacking protection. GuardedID does offer some protection, but the software’s designers really created the program to stop keylogging. Anti-keylogger software is important because it can prevent criminals from stealing sensitive information such as your bank account number and email password. GuardedID is great at doing this. The clickjacking protection, however, is small in comparison to NoScript. Think of it as an added bonus. You wouldn’t rely on it, but it’s nice to have.

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