Can we get an answer about clickjack protection?

There are several things that you can do to avoid clickjacking attacks. As this blog has previously reported, you should use a web browser that will protect you from clickjacking and you should install NoScript to prevent unauthorized JavaScript from hijacking your browser.

Is there, however, a real consensus on how to eradicate the clickjacking problem?

Unfortunately, there are lots of answers, but computer security specialists haven’t completely found the foolproof option that will make clickjacking a thing of the past.

I’d been going back and forth with myself about how well security specialists are handling clickjack attacks. I’ve decided that by and large they are doing a really good job, but they have a lot of work ahead of them. This is because clickjacking, also known as IU redressing uses an inherent characteristic of the internet to hijack browser and cause various problems for web users.

I came to this conclusion about the amount of work ahead of us when I read this thread on’s 2008 September Archive. It’s full of complicated information and ideas about computer security that laymen don’t really need to understand. Here’s the gist of it: we have lots of ideas about addressing clickjacking security issues, ranging from software ad-ons to web site responsibility, but we’re still searching for the right answer that solves every clickjacking problem.

True, this is a fairly old archive. A couple years means a lot in the world of online security. It is important, though, to recognize that while we have come a long way since 2008, we still have not eradicated clickjacking issues.

Eventually, I think that we will reach a solid confusion. In the meantime, watch where you click!

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