NoScript helps block clickjacking attacks

If you’re looking for an effective way to block clickjacking attacks while you surf the internet, then you should consider installing the NoScript plug-in for your Mozilla browser. True to its name, NoScript blocks javascripts from running in your Firefox browser. This offers some added security for those who are worried about clickjacking attacks.

Advantages of NoScript

One of the best things about NoScript is that it allows you the user to set the level of security. You can set the plug-in to blog all javascript, even those appearing on trusted sites. Of course, you don’t have to instruct NoScript to be quite so vigilant. You can add approved sites to a list that NoScript will completely ignore. You can also set it to block some javascript while allowing others.

Disadvantages of NoScript

The one truly annoying thing about NoScript is that you cannot turn it off without going into FireFox tools and disabling it there. It would be much more convenient if the plug-in allowed you to disable its javascript blocking action by just clicking its icon.

Downloading NoScript

If you choose to download NoScript for your browser, then I suggest getting it from CNET. CNET offers editor and customer reviews that will help you make an informed decision. Choosing to download NoScript from CNET also means that you can avoid the NoScript web site, which has to be one of the tackiest things I’ve seen since Fat Chicks in Party Hats. Apparently you don’t have to have a sense of aesthetics to design effective plug-ins. As long NoScript keeps protecting my computer from clickjacking attacks, though, I’ll give them a pass.

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