A Short Jeremiah Grossman Bio

If you follow internet security issues, then you probably know Jeremiah Grossman as the chief technology office of WhiteHat Security and the guy who coined the word “clickjack.”

Grossman started his career working for Amgen, Inc, a biotech company with offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, Canada, and Mexico.

After leaving Amgen, Inc, Grossman became an information security officer at Yahoo!, which gave him the opportunity to perform intense security reviews for hundreds of web sites owned by the company.

In 2001, Jeremiah Grossman decided to start his own technology security firm in Santa Clara, CA. He had already earned a solid reputation as an expert in various security fields, so starting his own business probably seemed like the best way to take better command of his career. That way he could focus on the issues that interested him most.

Grossman built his reputation by researching important internet security problems such as cross site scripting attacks. He co-wrote a book about XSS attacks and defense, and talked at many events about cutting edge security issues. This quickly established him as a preeminent force in the industry.

The combination of expertise and speaking experience made Grossman an excellent source for the media. He and his words have appeared in prominent media outlets such as CNET, PC World, USA Today, InfoWorld, NBC News, The Financial Times, and the Washington Post.

It’s rare for a computer security nerd to gain this kind of public exposure, but it seems to suit Grossman well. He always seems calm and informative on camera.

There are plenty of YouTube videos featuring Grossman’s research and security opinions. You can also read his latest findings at http://www.jeremiahgrossman.blogspot.com/.

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