Another WebCam Jack

Here’s another lesson in webcam clickjacking.

I hope that showing these videos will make internet users more aware of what they are doing online. It’s easy to find web sites with silly games that involve repeatedly clicking on an image. A lot of them emulate the old Duck Hunt game, or some basic variation. I once saw one that encouraged me to point zits on a guy’s face.

These games seem harmless, but you never know what is lurking behind the veil. Guya11, who made the video above, claims that this particular clickjacking technique doesn’t work anymore because Adobe has updated its framebusting code. That’s certainly a good thing, but I have heard claims from people who have managed to get around Adobe’s updates.

Granted, these clickjack attackers could just be lying to me, but I prefer to accept their testimony and stay on the safe side.

Choosing software that has been designed to counter clickjack attacks is a good idea, but one of the best ways to prevent falling into one of these traps is to simply pay more attention to what you do online. Don’t click on any unnecessary icons and don’t play games unless you trust the site.

There are far too many internet users in the world who don’t have this basic understanding. Taking the proper precautions can protect your computer from viruses, worms, keyloggers, and other malware.

I like to think of every click as a turn down a street. I only turn down avenues when they take me to a place that I want to go. Every extraneous click could send you down a dark alley; eventually you’re going to get mugged.

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