GuardedID protects against clickjacking

There aren’t a whole lot of things that individuals can do to prevent clickjackers from making pages that contain phony buttons. Internet users, however, can use some security tools that will make them more aware of the things that clickjackers have done to certain pages.

One piece of software that can help you detect clickjacked pages is GuardedID. GuardedID is best known for its anti-keylogging features.

If you’re not familiar with keylogging programs: they capture your keystrokes, which allows cybercriminals to get information such as log-in IDs and passwords. Your employer probably also uses keylogging programs to make sure everyone focuses on work instead of wasting time on the internet.

GuardedID’s marketing strategy focuses so much on the software’s keylogging security features that I was a little surprised to learn that it also helps protect Internet users from clickjacking.

This software gives users the option to select different clickjacking security features. One option shows you a red dotted line around objects that are actually located on another page. Another option will show you the hidden buttons instead of the fake ones.

I’ve heard various reviews about GuardedID. Most of them, however, have been positive. I would say that it’s definitely better than not using anything at all. Still, you can’t expect any program to catch every security risk.

Some of the positive things about GuardedID is that it has a toolbar plug-in that works with some of the most popular browsers, including IE8 and Firefox. The software is also small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of memory.

CNET members have given GuardedID a four-star rating (out of a possible five stars), which tells me that it’s pretty good. On the other hand, the last time that I looked only three people had rated it. The esteemed CNET editors remain mute on the subject.

One of the obvious negatives is that you have to pay for GuardedID. You get 30 days of free use to try it out. After that, though, you have to cough up about $30. That’s not much to spend on security, but there is free software available that you might to try first.

Check out this YouTube video to see GuardedID stop clickjacking in its tracks.

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