All Your WebCam Are Belong to Us

Clickjacking can do more than just sign you up to follow Twitter accounts and grab your personal information. It can even take over your computer’s webcam and microphone. Seeing as how most new computers have built in video cameras, this is something definitely worth learning about.

In this CNET interview with Jeremiah Grossman, CTO of Whitehat Security, you find out how easy it is for someone to hijack your computers camera. Granted, Grossman is a bit of a genius when it comes to click jacking (he’s been at the forefront of clickjacking security for as long as we’ve known that it is a problem), so you can bet that click jacking is a little bit harder for the average person than it is for him.

Still, it’s frightening to see how quickly he makes a java button invisible and places it over another pages button. Certainly there are cybercriminals out there who are at least as good at this as Grossman. Maybe we’re just lucky that cyberjacking hasn’t completely ruined the small bit of trust that we have in the internet.

Grossman talks to his CNET host, Tom Merritt, about ways that computer users can protect themselves from this particular attack. Again, there aren’t a whole lot of options. Grossman mentions using No Script (it’s a Firefox extensive that inhibits javascript on a site’s page) and upgrading to Flash 10, which has better security features for webcams and microphones than earlier version.

Grossman’s favorite way to prevent people from taking pictures of him with his own camera while he’s surfing the net? Put a piece of Post-It Note over the camera lens.

As he saws, “if you can’t trust software, at least you can trust hardware.”

Personally, I find that scarier than just telling everyone that there isn’t a good answer. A piece of Post-It Note? One of the smartest computer security specialists in the world just told us to use Post-It Notes?

Well, I guess I’ll stock up, then.

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