Are Google Chrome Users Safe from Clickjacking?

Google claims that its web browser, Chrome, offers improved security for those surfing the internet. Google Chrome users, however, might not be as protected as they think.

Late last year, CNET reported that version and earlier editions are vulnerable to clickjacking. You can read the original CNET news report here.

Google has acknowledged that there are some clickjacking security issues. Some individuals in the company have pointed out that clickjacking remains a significant issue for all browsers. The particular clickjacking technique that revealed Chrome’s vulnerability, however, was not effective against Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 9.63.

Firefox 3.0.5, however, was just as vulnerable to this clickjacking technique as Chrome.

Just because IE and Opera were not vulnerable to this specific type of clickjacking, however, does not necessarily mean that they aren’t susceptible to other techniques.

As is common in the world of security technology, companies keep making tougher products and criminals keep figuring out ways to break them. It’s an ongoing process. Even though there are security vulnerabilities with pretty much all web browsers, using the most updated version of your preferred browser will generally provide the tightest security.

Clickjacking presents a particularly difficult security issue for programmers because it takes advantage of the ways that web sites and the internet were designed to work. Perhaps it was an oversight made by early internet innovators, but it seems that we’re currently stuck with the problem.

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